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City of Museums and Monuments for America's Most Famous Leaders

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Sightseeing in Washington D.C. is focused on "The Mall". The distance between the Lincoln Memorial and the Capitol is about two miles. Tourmobile shuttles and trolley tours are available but if you're able the best way to see the sights is on foot. Most of the museums along the Mall are part of The Smithsonian Institution. An Englishman, James Smithson, in the early 1800's gave his fortune "to found in Washington an establishment for the increase and diffusion of knowledge". Far from being "the rest is history", this generous act was the beginning of a collection that chronicles every facet of human endeavor.

A note about parking and taxis. BEWARE! Parking is difficult and strictly enforced. Taxis are scarce and use a system to extract money from you on a par with the tax code.
Your best bet is to use the Metro System. Your Washington D.C. Sites & Bites™ map has great places to see and dine.

Your FREE Washington Sites and Bites™ Map and Guide is easy-to-use and easy-to-download. Just click the “Download Sites and Bites™ Map” link and you will get a full-color map followed by a page showing the best places to see, shop and dine. Each listing includes all pertinent information — brief description, hours of operation, address, phone number and/or map coordinate. As an added bonus, the final section of the download has coupons and special promotions you can print and use when you visit the destination city.

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