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The Big Easy is the City that Care Forgot

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The focal point of New Orleans is Jackson Square. It is here that you can start out in walking tours and horse-drawn carriage tours. Around lunchtime you can listen to the New Orleans sound of live music, while watching the mimes and jugglers ply their talents in hope of a generous donation. You can also purchase a painting from one of the many street artists or have your picture painted. There are several benches, and any spot is a good vantage point.

Very close to Jackson Square is where many locals and tourists choose to end their day with a steaming cup of chicory coffee and a freshly baked beignet at the Cafe du Monde.

Don't forget to take the St. Charles Streetcar — it is the world's oldest continuously running streetcar. Unfortunately, it is the only streetcar still running in New Orleans today. If you want to see the "Streetcar Named Desire," you will have to go to the Old U.S. Mint.

The St. Charles Streetcar does go through the Garden District. Here the American population — as opposed to the Creole sector — lived and built homes with ornate moldings, banisters and mantels. Iron work was added in the 1930's.

If you have time to do additional sightseeing, several parks are in New Orleans. Audubon Park has a nice golf course and a world class zoo. City Park also has a golf course plus tennis courts, gardens, boats and more.

New Orleans is a fun, vibrant city with something for everyone.

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