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The World’s Greatest City is also the Name of a Cocktail

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Manhattan is the world's greatest city. It's a city of neighborhoods, and very walkable. It has a transit system that is convenient but does require exact change or token. In addition, there are thousands of yellow taxi's that are usually occupied.

The epicenter of the theater district is 42nd St. and Broadway, and a TKTS booth at that corner sells half-price tickets for that day's performance. Entertainment options in Manhattan are diverse and include several comedy clubs, jazz clubs, opera houses and grand piano rooms. In regard to shopping, you are on the isle of plenty. Prime areas for clothing include 57th St., 5th Avenue, and Madison Avenue. There are several elegant wine shops, gourmet shops, auction houses and galleries. And there is always someone who can get it for you wholesale. On this map and guide we have focused on Mid-Town featuring popular points of interest and some of the best restaurants.

Your FREE Manhattan Sites and Bites™ Map and Guide is easy-to-use and easy-to-download. Just click the “Download Sites and Bites™ Map” link and you will get a full-color map followed by a page showing the best places to see, shop and dine. Each listing includes all pertinent information — brief description, hours of operation, address, phone number and/or map coordinate. As an added bonus, the final section of the download has coupons and special promotions you can print and use when you visit the destination city.

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Transportation—From either airport, best bet is to take a shuttle, arrange a limo service or hail a taxi.


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